Who we are

Zero Emission Ride N is the sole importer of Luyuan electric vehicles focused on bringing change to the environment by providing quality electric vehicles, and services for a better future ahead. We actively contribute to positive change in our surroundings, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.


As a brand that started with the electric vehicle industry, Luyuan’s footprint largely represents the development process of the entire vehicle industry. Luyuan is leading the development of core technology of two-wheel electric vehicles and focuses on producing products with less trouble and more safety vision. Established in China in 1997 AD, headquartered in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, Luyuan has exceeded the area of 700000m^2 and has an annual output of over 2.1 million units holding more than 9000 stores and service centers in China. Luyuan has 271 patents registered to date.

Luyuan Nepal

Luyuan Nepal is the sole distributor of Luyuan electric two-wheelers in Nepal, bringing clean and sustainable transportation solutions to the country. We are focused on tackling the environmental challenges Nepal faces such as -:  Fuel dependence, Air and noise pollution, and Vehicle safety.


We’re on a mission to preserve the environment for a better future for our descendants.


Replacing air-polluting fuel with zero-emission electric mobility.


It wasn’t that long the electric vehicles appeared on the market and according to the recent global scenario it has become popular among the masses. With more than 30 years of experience in automobiles, we have a better understanding of the consumer’s demands. We now introduce modern, reliable, and cost-effective electric products in the segments of the nation.
As an importer of electric vehicles and an activist for a clean and green environment, we are happy to bring small changes to our environment by supplying and promoting electric vehicles in our country. Our motto is to “Preserve the environment for a better future for our descendants”.

Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner, and better for the environment than petrol or diesel vehicles. Less emission means reduced greenhouse gases, enabling the country to move towards sustainable sources of electricity.
Electric vehicles have to become more mainstream in the coming days. There are a wide variety of benefits to ride an electric vehicle. We don’t have to worry about fuel. Tax and maintenance costs are very cheap, electricity is also very cheap in our country and is available easily, you can charge anytime at your home or office, we can bring good changes to the environment, electric vehicles could help to stir hydropower industries and many more.

Above all, we want to save the environment for the upcoming generations by choosing electric vehicles. Beyond any doubt, it’s a collective responsibility that requires cooperation from societies, governments, and individuals as well. Therefore, we have been offering seemingly fun and environmentally friendly options for short journeys that are safe and sustainable for the past few years.


Currently we have two showrooms operating in two different locations.

– Nagpokhari Marg, Naxal

– Chamati-16, Banasthali, Balaju


We also have dealers in different parts of our country who are selling our products in/outside the valley.

– Asta Automobile (Teku, Kathmandu)

– Clean Energy International (Anamnagar, Kathmandu)

– Green Energy EV Point (Ghorahi, Daang)

– Luyuan Nepal (Sundhara, Patan)

– Mero Green Auto (Dhangadi)

– New Luna Green Energy (Joshipur, Kailali)

– Salina Electric Bike Tatha Helmet House (Naya Bazaar, Pokhara)

– The Prakash Trade Links (Birtamode, Jhapa)

– Nava Durga E Vehicle (Itahari)

– Harati Ajima EV Trade (Sallaghari, Bhaktapur)

– Laxmi Enterprises (Bhojpur)

– Faruk Electric Scooter (Ghandak, Bahuwari-14, Birgunj)

– Jini Enterprises (Janakpur)


– CNAS Accredited Lab

– 2007 American FAST COMPANY

– CC-CMM 2019

– World Branding Award

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