Terms & Conditions

  1. Warranty cannot be claimed in abuse, misuse, negligence, physical harm, fire, theft, or any sort of natural disaster.
  2. Warranty cannot be claimed if any sort of problem occurs due to overcharge or overheating.
  3. Warranty can be claimed when mentioned parts are faulty from the manufacturer or anything occurs without any harm under a warranty period.
  4. Warranty can be claimed in the showroom or at any authorized company.
  5. Warranty can be claimed with the warranty card if not additional charges may be applicable.
  6. All 6 free servicing should be done on time.
  7. Maintenance should be performed as advised by an authorized service center or dealer.
  8. Customers can claim for any parts under warranty if the customer follows the original procedure and still facing the problem.
  9. Any parts replaced under the warranty period will not have an additional warranty timeline. (Continues from the purchased date).
  10. Timely Service is Mandatory to claim a warranty; the Company will not be liable for damages caused by lack of timely servicing.

Conditions of battery replacement

Within the warranty period, if the capacity of the battery drops more than 50% or, if any of the batteries have a performance malfunction, then a new battery will be provided as a replacement under warranty on the following scheme.

Up to 5 months – 25% of cost will be chargeable

Likewise: Till 6 months – 38%, Till 7 months – 45%, Till 8 months – 52%, Till 9 months – 59%,

Till 10 months – 66%, Till 11 months – 73%, Till 12 months – 80%

More than 12 months – 100% of cost will be chargeable.

Battery warranty voids if

1. Terminal Soldered

2. Battery bulged,

3. Undercharge.

4. Broken Condition.

Terms and Conditions